Trading and risk management solutions for the global energy, metals, soft commodities and recycling industries.

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*AMCS Group has acquired the entire share capital of Brady US Holdings Inc and Systems Alternative International LLC (together the "Recycling Business"). All recycling products are now handled by AMCS on the following link *


Trading and risk management solutions for the global energy, metals, soft commodities and industries.

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What Customers Say

  • KGHM

    "The new solution is also able to integrate with our SAP accounting system, which should result in easier access to a true picture of the cost of sales of refined metals, taking into account all of the associated costs from the raw materials purchase."

    Piotr Pawlowski, CIO

  • BKW

    Brady's energy scheduling product, provides us not only with a robust system for performing nominations, but also gives a clear and accurate view of all current and past nomination processes. Thanks to the Brady Energy’s scheduling product, particularly its ability to be customised and extended, we are in a position to react quickly to any new market requirements.

    Jakob Hämmerli, Application Manager

  • Enecogen

    Brady delivers continuous support to Enecogen. The support is also handled by the highly skilled ‘Edinburgh’ team, that team achieves very fast response times via their online Customer Wise tool. Just to summarize, the Enecogen team is very satisfied with the CMS system and also with Brady’s support.

    Michel Klaasse, Plant Performance Engineer

  • Energiameklarit

    "We require an ETRM solution to offer our portfolio management services to our customers. Brady ETRM is the natural choice for us, having deployed another Brady solution for several years. Having enjoyed a great working relationship with Brady and having seen the latest version of the ETRM solution, it was an easy decision to opt for Brady going forwards. We are also confident that the data migration process required between the platforms will also be a seamless and secure process.”

    Esko Kytömäki, Managing Director 

  • ElectroRoute

    “Brady Energy Power Scheduling Solution for power provides us a proven market offering, and a flexible and robust tool which is most importantly scalable to meet our strategic growth requirements. With a careful evaluation process of the general functional support, TSO communication and overall European coverage readily available, ElectroRoute recognised Brady is unrivalled in this space with a very compelling solution.”

    Eamonn O'Donoghue, Head of Operations

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